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Croque Monsieur

The famous french grill sandwich, Croque Monsieur is an easy lunch to prepare.This is definitely to go in the comfort food category. It gives you a warm a cozy feeling.You can have it on the go or accompany by a salad.I give here an authentic french recipe, with the bechamel sauce, some prefer it without …

Blue Cheese Sauce

Blue Cheese Sauce

sauce-roquefortA simple Blue Cheese Sauce recipe to accompany your meat. Here I present it with a steak, but you could as well make it with a chicken breast or without meat for example. It is an easy recipe for a creamy sauce with a kick. Bon appétit!

Endive Gratin

Belgian endive recipe

the endive gratin is a simple lunch idea to get more vegetables, or if don't know what to make from endives except for a salad.This recipe contains a bit of sugar and the bechamel sauce with cheese that helps to counter the bitter taste that endives can have.It is a light recipe, you should count …

show Garlic and Rosemary Croutons

Vegan Croutons

These Garlic and Rosemary Croutons are an easy salad topping with a Mediterranean taste.Economical and healthier than the store-bought version, these fresh homemade croutons are a popular way to add some flavor and crispiness to a salad.These easy garlic croutons are also perfect for making use out of old bread With few ingredients and it …

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The canele or cannelé is a crispy caramelized crust and soft vanilla on the inside, this small cake has been developed in the city of Bordeaux.This is a classic recipe with vanilla and Rhum.The cannelé is one of the priciest French pastries from the bakeries, because of the techniques used and the time it takes …


oeuf a la coque / Soft Boiled Eggs

Good morning!Here is your typical Sunday brunch in France with some french soft-boiled eggs.The egg from the shell, l'oeuf à la coque is a soft-boiled egg that you eat directly in its shell. We simply dip long squared pieces of bread in it and the rest with a spoon.Some like butter on the bread, others …

Parisian crepes

Parisian crepes

This is an Easy crepes recipe like the one you would have at the fair. Paris crepes are a staple for tourists visiting the Eiffel tower. Imagine walking down the Parisian streets with a crepe in your hands!These thin french crepes are originated from Bretagne where it is a proud tradition.The recipes and thickness of …

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