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Fresh Blueberry Pie

This Fresh blueberry pie is a typical french pie with diplomat cream on shortcrust pastry and fresh berries on top.A nice fresh and elegant dessert for special occasions.Bon appétit!Here are the recipes for Diplomat cream, Shortcrust pastryand the instructions for  Pie shells.

Apple Upside-Down Pie

La tarte TatinThis is a caramelized upside-down apple pie which makes it very different than the simple classic pie. It cooks for much longer, first on the stove to let the apple juice release and then mixed with the butter and sugar to create a caramel with a specific taste, then it finish cooking in …

Smoked Salmon Quiche

Quiche au saumon fuméThis is a fast and easy Smoked Salmon Quiche recipe with a puff pastry and a creamy custard.Versatile it is ideal for lunch or dinner it is also great for a picnic or as a small version for Aperitif or a buffet.I particularly like it because it takes little to no time …

Croque Monsieur

The famous french grill sandwich, Croque Monsieur is an easy lunch to prepare.This is definitely to go in the comfort food category. It gives you a warm a cozy feeling.You can have it on the go or accompany by a salad.I give here an authentic french recipe, with the bechamel sauce, some prefer it without …

Blue Cheese Sauce

Blue Cheese Sauce

sauce-roquefortA simple Blue Cheese Sauce recipe to accompany your meat. Here I present it with a steak, but you could as well make it with a chicken breast or without meat for example. It is an easy recipe for a creamy sauce with a kick. Bon appétit!

Endive Gratin

Endive Gratin

the endive gratin is a simple lunch idea to get more vegetables, or if don't know what to make from endives except for a salad.This recipe contains a bit of sugar and the bechamel sauce with cheese that helps to counter the bitter taste that endives can have.It is a light recipe, you should count …

show Garlic and Rosemary Croutons

Garlic Rosemary Croutons

These Garlic and Rosemary Croutons are an easy salad topping with a Mediterranean taste.Economical and healthier than the store-bought version, these fresh homemade croutons are a popular way to add some flavor and crispiness to a salad.Bon appétit!

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